About HelloRoom

What is HelloRoom?
HelloRoom is a website that functions as a hub to connect landlords and tenants. Its aim is to provide both people renting out housing as well as those looking for housing with the opportunity to easily and trustfully do so through the HelloRoom interface.

What is HelloRoom not?
HelloRoom is not an agency, and does not own any form of housing. The website’s only purpose is to connect people that rent out housing to people that are looking for housing.


What is our target?
HelloRoom’s target is to provide both national and international students and young professionals with an easy-to-use and reliable online interface where finding a place to live in Budapest is as easy and comfortable as drinking a glass of milk.


Who is HelloRoom?
HelloRoom consists of three young professionals from The Netherlands, with roots in the real estate, customer service and IT sectors.


Why HelloRoom?

Being foreign ex-students in Budapest, our three young professionals decided to return back to Budapest in the spring of 2010. Having arrived and wanting to meet new people fast and easily, their goal was to find rooms in student flats to share with other roommates. Unlike finding a complete apartment, which is relatively easy in Budapest, this proved to be rather hard and ambiguous. In order to make this easier for others in the future, they decided to launch a website based on this idea. HelloRoom was born.

How to add your room or apartment to our website?
Adding your room or apartment to our website is very easy, completely free-of-charge, and only takes a few minutes of your time. In order to do this you click “Add” on the main homepage, after which you simply follow the user-friendly and self-explanatory instructions. After having filled in the details and confirming your ad, your apartment/room will be placed on our website instantly, after which thousands of people can respond to it immediately.

How to find your new apartment or room through the website?
Finding a place to live through HelloRoom is also very easy, free-of-charge, and fast. On the main homepage of the website, simply click on “Search”. You will now be shown several basic search-criteria such as the price, location and size in m². Simply select what you are looking for and the website will instantly display the results that match your selected criteria. You also have the option of doing an advanced search, where you can filter on a wide variety of search-criteria. Once you are interested in a certain apartment or room, you can respond to the ad by clicking on “Respond”. The owner of the apartment now receives your request and if he/she is interested you will be contacted back.